Insect collapse: ‘We are destroying our life support systems’ | Insects | The Guardian

Scientist Brad Lister returned to Puerto Rican rainforest after 35 years to find 98% of ground insects had vanished

“We knew that something was amiss in the first couple days,” said Brad Lister. “We were driving into the forest and at the same time both Andres and I said: ‘Where are all the birds?’ There was nothing.”

His return to the Luquillo rainforest in Puerto Rico after 35 years was to reveal an appalling discovery. The insect population that once provided plentiful food for birds throughout the mountainous national park had collapsed. On the ground, 98% had gone. Up in the leafy canopy, 80% had vanished. The most likely culprit by far is global warming.

“It was just astonishing,” Lister said. “Before, both the sticky ground plates and canopy plates would be covered with insects. You’d be there for hours picking them off the plates at night. But now the plates would come down after 12 hours in the tropical forest with a couple of lonely insects trapped or none at all.”

Source: Insect collapse: ‘We are destroying our life support systems’ | Insects | The Guardian

Supreme Court blocks COVID vaccine mandate for large employers | CIDRAP (Me: Court backs profit before health and people!)

The Court voted 5 to 4 to allow a vaccine mandate for workers at federally funded healthcare facilities to take effect nationwide. That decision affects 17 million American workers. Source: Supreme Court blocks COVID vaccine mandate for large employers | CIDRAP

Why Vivaldi will never create ThinkCoin | Vivaldi Browser

Cryptocurrency has been touted by many as a revolution in currency, the future of investment, and a breakthrough technology. But if you look beyond the hype, you’ll find nothing more than a pyramid scheme posing as currency.

It’s basically a digital commodity, though one without government backing or banking system support. Claiming to be the new digital currency of the internet, cryptocurrencies promise decentralization and freedom from governments.

Each cryptocurrency typically follows a certain recipe to ensure that the founders create a lot of wealth, a way to distribute the currency to give it legitimacy, and some story on how it is different from all the others.

But since cryptocurrencies are too volatile to be used as an actual currency, people treat it as a sort of investment scheme. The problem is that to extract actual money from the system you have to find someone willing to buy the tokens you are holding. And this is only likely to happen as long as they believe they will be able to sell them on to someone who’ll pay even more for them. And so on, and so on.

If at any point one stops being able to find people willing to buy those tokens on just the promise of them being worth more in the future, the whole scheme might well come crashing down, with the value of all tokens going to zero.

Source: Why Vivaldi will never create ThinkCoin | Vivaldi Browser

Vũ Trọng Quang | REGRET (19)


By Vũ Trọng Quang, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm


Behold by chance the hand held

the regret of letting go

the goodbyes in the middle of the road

the separate joy and sorrow to follow


Behold by chance the first kiss

the regret of soft red lips 

the firm embrace, the inevitable separation

kisses in blooms of sadness


Behold by chance the nights together

sound regrets buried in the night

the wave begged for a smile as keepsake

the half and half draft copy of the other



Nếu tay không lỡ cầm tay

tay trong tay nắm tiếc ngày tay buông

tiễn đưa chừng giữa đoạn đường

mỗi nhau gieo mở vui buồn về sau


Nếu môi không ghé hôn đầu

môi trong môi đỏ tiếc màu môi xa

chặt ôm là chỗ rời ra

giữa nụ hôn mọc nụ hoa rầu…

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