Working Wednesdays, Do Better, Chapter 7, section III: D, a map for the later years of Phase I, 4/4

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

This post is the start of the rough draft of  Chapter 7, section III, part D, for my non-fiction WiP, Do Better, fka Baby Floors.   This section will complete the early years of mapping out a path to get there for Phase I, with our Public Domain Social Infrastructure.   It is here for future comparison, and for me to weep over what I’ve removed, with the book, once published.  This WiP is currently in the 3rd draft, and I am still looking for Beta Readers. 

     Once I publish it on the Internet Archive, I will list it as in the Public Domain (non-commercial: if anyone makes any money off of my work, somehow, I’d like my fair share, please), and the text (rft) will be here and on the (when someone creates a better one than this one, please) Project site, as well, so that communities can…

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