10 Ways to Encourage Knowledge Sharing Across Your Organisation


For productivity to flourish in the workplace, team members must share knowledge. It enables each worker to complete their tasks more efficiently and learn new skills. Meanwhile, it makes the company’s operation run smoother and provides quality products and services to customers.

However, how can you inspire knowledge sharing in the organisation with your colleagues’ different specialities and work values? Here are 10 ways you can do to encourage knowledge-sharing:

Create A Culture Of Learning And Growth

The first thing you need to do to encourage knowledge sharing is creating a learning and growth culture that your company focuses on.

To create this culture, you must help your team understand why learning and growth are essential for everyone’s success and how their thoughts matter.

Provide Avenues For Knowledge Sharing And Knowledge Databases

When everyone is supportive of the initiative, you need to create avenues for them to start knowledge sharing…

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