Giving thanks

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“Giving thanks” for Jamaicans basically means “being grateful.”

Our recent Bloganuary prompt (yes, I am still trying to catch up!) was: “What are five things you’re grateful for today?”

Today and every day I am grateful for:

First and foremost: My family, and especially my husband and my son. I don’t know how they put up with me. They are all saints. Especially my husband. PS Family includes our dogs, Freddie and Lulu.

Second: A roof over my head, enough food to eat and water to drink and bathe in. So many in this country (yes) and round the world do not have one or more of these basic necessities.

Third: My health. I have awful teeth (my dentist probably does a mental eye-roll when she sees me approaching her chair) and two broken wrists (the best orthopedic surgeon in the Universe fixed them both for me). But it…

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