Book review break, and a tiny rant?

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        Ok,  I have to whine here, instead of working on my revision of Do Better:   Right after my review for a book that really needs more love!


L’Île sur l’océan Nuit

     This is one YA heroic quest, by Michel Grimaud, that is a step above others -set mostly in a dystopian colony of earth, the STRESS (I love this acronym) – Société Terrienne D’EXPLOITATION du Système Solaire – keeps colonies ignorant and enslaved. Mar (our young protag.) must grow both courage and knowledge as he builds networks to change the system, and save his loved ones. 

    The story also shows the ideas in “It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us” and General MacArthur’s Long Gray Line speech: that those around us impart the values and dreams of our society, and that is how children frame the context of their actions.  So…

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