Clearing Off The Desk


Dr. Kaku’s quip is one of my favorite sayings about the subject of desks. I sometimes remember it when my desk becomes cluttered but I still feel too lazy to clear it. A couple of weekends ago, I searched high and low for a Post It Note that contained the landline phone number of a new acquaintance. She does not own a mobile phone, so I had jotted the number down–intending to file it in my Rolodex later.

During the search, I decided to clean off the entire desk top because the surface needed to be dusted anyway. A few minutes into the clearing process, I discovered the missing phone number, then promptly copied it onto a Rolodex card.

Then I removed everything else from the top of the desk. There were several receipts to file away, a couple of gadgets to return to their proper places inside of a…

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