Day 29/67, Five Month GED, Similarity, and Adulting Education

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

     The skill of understanding definitions in detail, and applying them logically, is another crucial part of Adult citizenship responsibility which is taught very well by mathematics (too bad Proofs were no longer a standard part of geometry classes after my middle school classes back in the early 1980s)  and is thus a key part of any democracy.  


    Understanding similarity, evidence, and how to draw logical conclusions from primary or proofed secondary sources is also a crucial part of being an Adult in a democratic society. 

Mathematics helps with that.

 Middle of week 8/18
Day 29, lesson plan
Grammar: colons
Math: similar triangles
Day 29, ExitTicket
(Day 28 … Day 30)

Action Prompts:

1.) The devil is in the details, don’t  you think?   Share your  thoughts with us on how can Proofs help teach logic.

2.)  Write a book, story, blog post or…

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