Marii Freire Pereira comigo!

” Crescer é doloroso. Talvez por esse motivo, se leve tanto tempo dentro dessa busca incessante pelo autorreconhecimento, pela constatação de nossas próprias limitações. Todos nós somos capazes, claro. Mas, na maioria das vezes, transgredindo moldes e padrões “

Marii Freire Pereira comigo!

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Santarém, Pá 9 de janeiro de 2022

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Day 29/67, Five Month GED, Similarity, and Adulting Education

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

     The skill of understanding definitions in detail, and applying them logically, is another crucial part of Adult citizenship responsibility which is taught very well by mathematics (too bad Proofs were no longer a standard part of geometry classes after my middle school classes back in the early 1980s)  and is thus a key part of any democracy.  


    Understanding similarity, evidence, and how to draw logical conclusions from primary or proofed secondary sources is also a crucial part of being an Adult in a democratic society. 

Mathematics helps with that.

 Middle of week 8/18
Day 29, lesson plan
Grammar: colons
Math: similar triangles
Day 29, ExitTicket
(Day 28 … Day 30)

Action Prompts:

1.) The devil is in the details, don’t  you think?   Share your  thoughts with us on how can Proofs help teach logic.

2.)  Write a book, story, blog post or…

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Asomé al lago

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


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Y un día, asomé al lago, donde contemplé mi rostro y descubrí que ya no era el niño que jugaba y reía con mis aventuras y mis sueños; otra mañana, volví a mirarme y detecté que la adolescencia se había transformado en juventud, hasta que, al transitar los años, observé que mi madurez borró los rasgos de la primavera, y así llegué a mi estado actual, previo al otoño y al invierno, con lo que soy, con lo que he cultivado y he cosechado durante mi caminata, con lo que he vivido. Soy consecuencia de mis motivos y de mis razones, de mis anhelos y de mis acciones, de mis sueños y de mis locuras, del destino y de mis decisiones. Aquí estoy, en medio del mundo, inventándome la existencia, entre el ayer, el hoy y el mañana, más…

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Some Food For Thought

Filosofa's Word

Late last night, I was trying to clean up my inbox before heading up to bed when I came across Robert Reich’s latest newsletter.  I found it both thoughtful and thought-provoking, so I am sharing it with you today.

Is there still a common good?

Yes. And I’ll tell you where to find it, and how to preserve it

By Robert Reich

We’ve gone through the shameful first anniversary of the attack on the U.S. Capitol and of the refusal of 147 members of Congress (all Republicans) to certify all the electors from states that voted for Biden, on the basis of no evidence of fraud. So far, no political figure has been charged with any criminal wrongdoing. We’ve seen 34 voter-suppression bills enacted by 19 Republican state legislatures; at least 8 give state legislatures the power to disregard election outcomes. More than 400 additional voter suppression measures are now…

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London hospital boss says he may lose 1,000 staff over Covid vaccine mandate | Coronavirus | The Guardian (Me: steady on with mandate – health of the rest of staff and patients depends on compliance.)

About 10% of the 14,000 staff at King’s College hospital are yet to be fully vaccinated ahead of a mandate for all NHS staff who work directly with patients that comes into force on 1 April.

Losing more than 1,000 staff would be the most extreme outcome and there had been an increase in the number of people who still required vaccination coming forward, Kay said.

“I don’t want, at this stage, to predict or give any numbers. We’re having conversations with staff, line managers are having conversations with staff, we have a helpline,” he said. “Ultimately if individuals choose not to, it’s their choice, their personal choice.

Source: London hospital boss says he may lose 1,000 staff over Covid vaccine mandate | Coronavirus | The Guardian