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“What do I like about my writing?” What an odd prompt for today’s Bloganuary. But since I have not dropped out yet and need to keep going with my posts, here’s my response:

I am much more interested in what my readers like (or don’t like) about my writing. I am not very good at critiquing my own work.

So, OK, I would give myself 10/10 for spelling. I have always been good at spelling, although nowadays I do have occasional lapses with American spelling (in Jamaica we use the British spelling – after all, we are a former colony) – especially when the computer/phone changes it for me.

I would say 8/10 for grammar. Again I have lapses, as I unfortunately slip into “social media-ese” – basically abbreviations and snatches of observations, when a longer sentence would normally work better. It’s a kind of shorthand; and as we…

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