January 8th – Memories and Leftovers

Seclusion 101 with AnneMarie

Yesterday, I was spending time checking out random posts on WordPress. I do this on a regular basis and generally enjoy my time spent doing it.

Yesterday, I was particularly touched by one of the posts that I came across. https://blursy.co.uk/2022/01/07/are-you-spiritual(You have to scroll down a bit to get to the post itself.)  It is amazing how often I am touched by a post written by someone who is, in so many ways, living a life totally different than mine.   This post was written by a young Polish woman working and living in England with her nine year old son.  I am a not so young French/Canadian woman, retired, children grown, grandchildren growing up way too fast, living with my husband and my dog.   Yet,  we are both on a journey of spiritual and emotional healing and for a few minutes yesterday we crossed paths.  How cool…

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