Cockpit Country, Jamaica: “This is an environmental and social justice issue”

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There is much more to be said about the recent announcement on bauxite mining in the Cockpit Country, which I wrote about in a post earlier this week. Now environmental activist and Founder of the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) Diana McCaulay (@dmccaulay) has shared her thoughts in a fairly long Twitter thread, which I am reproducing below.

There are some facts that we must always keep in mind; and there are questions that we should also keep in the forefront of our thoughts, and keep asking until (who knows?) we may get an answer. At this point, there are still many information gaps.

A bauxite haulage road being cut in Cockpit Country.

So here is Ms. McCaulay’s thread:

The Jamaican Government is a 51% shareholder of Noranda, the applicant for a mining lease and environmental permit for bauxite mining in the contested area of Cockpit Country is the Jamaican…

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