Cockpit Country: Government decides to permit a reduced mining area, but concerns remain

The only future mining offers in Jamaica is poisoning the land, water, animals and people.

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The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) announced yesterday (January 3, 2022) that a reduced area will be offered to the Noranda Jamaica Bauxite Partners II for mining close to the Cockpit Country under the highly controversial Special Mining Licence (SML) 173. Here’sthe full text of NEPA CEO Peter Knight’s statement. This will exclude the Madras area, and the school perched on the edge of a mining area that had caused particular concern, according to NEPA, who say this will limit “dusting– why don’t they just call it air pollution? The area will be “at least 1.6 kilometers away” from mining operations, said NEPA’s Senior Manager of the Environmental Management Sub-division, Richard Nelson, on radio.

Executive Director of the Southern Trelawny Environmental Agency, Hugh Dixon, who has been campaigning for years against bauxite mining, expressed disappointment. He claims that the permit for Noranda will result in…

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