Taking a jump out of my comfort zone (Bloganuary)

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Write about the last time you left your comfort zone.

This is the Day Three Bloganuary prompt. I confess I was initially stumped. What is my comfort zone? Or do I have one? Was it physical, or mental, or both?

I decided that what the zone actually consisted of was quite a small physical area, in one corner of the house, where my writing hub is (in other words, my mighty iMac computer).

My Comfort Zone. A physical space I am always happy to spend time in.

Because my default mechanism, and by extension my comfort zone, is writing. Plain and simple. Whether it’s a PR piece, a blog post or an online article, writing is my preoccupation, my life. I am always planning something new to write, and I write every day.

So when did I struggle out of that cozy little rut? When I forced myself (or…

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