What Lies Ahead?

From Behind the Pen

Pensive Woman sitting on an Armchair
Image Credit: Monstera

Oh my goodness, here I am on another new and beautiful day. I can’t define or even quantify the way I feel right now because it’s a bit of anxiousness, and anticipation mixed with excitement. While that seems like a bizarre twist of emotions, trust me, it is. But, as I lasso in this wagon of adventure and hitch it up to my journey like a horse-drawn carriage, while the road ahead may not always be a smooth ride, it’s a ride that I am sure I will learn from, and not soon forget.

What lies ahead? No one knows for sure, not even a fortune teller peering through their crystal ball trying to predict the future. All I can tell ya is, hold on and prepare for the amazing, great unknown, like riding a wild bronco bucking the rider in a rodeo, but the rider just…

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