More on the Covid Legacy

Nails it – long Covid-19 will impact us all for decades. We must prepare against the next pandemic and get everyone vaccinated for this one – now!


Research from the NIH confirms the following:

  1. Covid can persist in the body for up to 283 days after infection. That’s not a limit, it just the oldest tissue sample the NIH has at present.
  2. Covid can spread into the heart and brain of people even if the individuals have shown either mild or no symptoms of the virus.

I’ve been worried about this for awhile. It’s interesting to here scientists now expressing my concerns.

“We don’t yet know what burden of chronic illness will result in years to come,” Raina MacIntyre, PhD, a professor of global biosecurity at the University of New South Wales, told Bloomberg News.
“Will we see young-onset cardiac failure in survivors or early-onset dementia?” she said. “These are unanswered questions which call for a precautionary public health approach to mitigation of the spread of this virus.”

We also don’t know what proportion of the…

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