Bloganuary: Road trips on a small island don’t really work for me

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The second day’s #Bloganuary prompt is a tricky one for me. What road trip would you like to go on, the prompt asks?

I live on quite a small island. I have done a good few road trips here – but frankly, driving around Jamaica is not for the faint-hearted. The surface of our roads varies from smooth highways (mostly three-quarters empty apart from the stretch between Kingston and Portmore, which is clogged with traffic going one way in the morning and the other way in the evening); to narrow country roads that have been patched up so many times that negotiating them is a kind of obstacle course of dips and dents and lumps and bumps. And then there are those roads that the average car would really rather not be driven on at all.

The much-lauded, mostly empty North-South Highway from Kingston/Spanish Town to the North…

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