5 things to improve life:


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1. Connecting with people : Try to nurture your friendship daily . Connecting with people doesn’t only make you creative but also help you to avoid loneliness and be happy . So, try to have one meal everyday with family members or your loved ones.

2. Improved Eating habits: Eating healthy is a basic . Apart from this chew your food very well as saliva helps in better digestion. Sit in ” vajrasan ” for 5 minutes after having meal . Do intermittent fasting ( Avoid food for 12 hours atleast ) . Have light food between two meals like seasonal fruits.

3. Exercise: Eat half and walk double. Make light exercises like yoga and walking a routine . Try to avoid vehicles while covering small distance. It doesn’t only make you fit externally but internally as well.

4. Be optimistic : Alsways try and find out…

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