Thoughtful Thursdays, Watch Night services, and Public Transportation

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This is just a quick post to say that I wish folks still remembered and celebrated the old Watch Night services, to watch for the telegram announcing emancipation in those slave states still at war, and to pray for freedom for all, as they did on that last night of 1862, and as my great grandmother Marie Johnson (in this blog’s background image, shown with her husband, my adoptive step-great grandfather Adolphus Johnson, both of Blessed Memory) used to do every year, at Booth and Johnson family church, Mt Zion United Methodist Church, in Georgetown.

They took the Metro bus there, or the street car, before they were all paved over around 1963, if I recall reading correctly.  Bus service to Georgetown was never very easy to use, as I recall.  As a small child, I spent summers with my Grandma Marie, and we’d always go to…

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