A Call for Quakers to Embrace Mutual Aid


I am writing to make the case for the adoption of Mutual Aid as a framework for Quaker justice work.

This comes from my perspective of a White, Quaker, male (he/him), settler on Ioway land, in the country called the United States. When I refer to Quakers here, I mean White Quakers. Black, Indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC) Friends have completely different experiences related to white privilege and racism, for example.

My credentials include friendships with Native people here in the Midwest. And to have been part of a Mutual Aid community for the past two years. The following is from these lived experiences, which have excited me, shown me a different way to work for peace and justice.

There are three key elements of Mutual Aid.

  1. Mutual aid projects work to meet survival needs and build shared understanding about why people do not have what they need.

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