Why the Fundamental Challenge of the 21st Century is Community


umair haque writes a daily article on his website, Eudaimonia & Co. His December 26 article “Why the Fundamental Challenge of the 21st Century is Community” provides an interesting perspective on my recent experiences with Mutual Aid and evolving vision for what could come next.

umair says we need to expand our sense of moral community to include everything, living and inanimate. And “the way of enmity, the way of violence, dominance, hierarchy, greed, hate — it must end.”

Those are some of the reasons I’ve been led to become involved with Mutual Aid, which is about building communities and rejecting dominance and hierarchy. Reasons why I believe my Quaker faith community should embrace the concepts of Mutual Aid.

These are also reasons I believe faith communities have an especially important role to play now, to help “expand our sense of moral community”. Quakers are the Religious Society of Friends. umair…

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