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” Os sonhos mais lindos sonhei De quimeras mil um castelo ergui E no teu olhar,tonto de emoção Com sofreguidão mil venturas previ”. Elis Regina. Fascinação Composição: Armando Lousada/ Marchetti https://www.letras.mus.br Marii Freire Pereira https://pensamentos.me/VEM comigo! Imagem: pinterest/ A.C papa Santarém, Pa 29 de dezembro de 2021
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Time Currency – Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! – RUELHA

I grew up in what I believe to be the most amazing city If you haven’t been here, it’s such a pity I was born in Bombay All along, and to this day Distance is measured rather uniquely It’s only an estimate and cannot be done precisely While the rest of the country and the…
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Bunte Vielfalt in Nepal — Senioren um die Welt

Nepal, das Land im Herzen des Himalaya, das Land des Mount Everest, des Geburtsortes von Buddha mit einer bunten Vielfalt an Religion, Kultur, Tradition und Landschaft ist ein Land voller Gegensätze. Der Glaube an die Wiedergeburt ist im Himalaja selbstverständlich, die verschiedenen Religionen – Buddhismus, Hinduismus und lokale Glaubensrichtungen verschmelzen teilweise miteinander. Das Kathmandu-Tal ist […]

Bunte Vielfalt in Nepal — Senioren um die Welt

Oncoming High-Beams

The Professor's Convatorium

As many of you with at least high school diplomas, obtained by satisfactory-to-exceptional test scores and grades in biology class, and as those of you with under-grad degrees who perhaps had college-level biology, cytology, epidemiology, or virology as part of your coursework know… we are once again being forced urged by our health professionals—as a communal courtesy—to return to necessary public health & safety measures and mandates because of sharply rising new COVID-19 cases. Why?

The Great Seal of the United States

It’s quite simple. Four major reasons: 1) our public health systems are going through yet another mass surge in new COVID-19 cases with the Delta and now Omicron variants causing the spike because of 2) a dismal public percentage rate of fully vaccinated teenagers and adults across the nation, and this is caused by 3) a large percentage of defiant anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers who do not know or…

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” Quando o amor vos fizer um sinal, segui-o; ainda que os seus caminhos sejam duros e escarpados. E quando as suas asas vos envolverem, entregai-vos; ainda que a espada escondida na sua plumagem possa vos ferir”. Khalil Gibran. https://www.pensador.com Marii Freire Pereira https:// Pensamentos.me/VEM comigo! Imagem: pinterest/ KDfrases Santarém, Pa 29 de dezembro de…

Khalil Gibran — Pensamentos.me/VEM comigo!

2021 Year in Review by Political Charge

Filosofa's Word

The clock is ticking on 2021 and … WHEW!!! … it’s been quite a year, hasn’t it?  I don’t know about you all, but I’m hoping for a more productive, peaceful year in 2022, though being a realist, I’m not holding my breath.  Fortunately, I don’t have to expend energy I don’t have to put together a compilation of the past year’s most notable events, for our friend TokyoSand over at Political Charge has done an excellent job of that already, and there’s no point re-inventing the wheel.  So, take a gander at her post, if you will — the good, the bad, and the ugly … though mostly TS has focused on the good rather than the bad, but that’s okay, for too often the good gets overlooked.

A look back at all the bright spots in politics in 2021.

We are very close to putting 2021 behind us…

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Why the Fundamental Challenge of the 21st Century is Community


umair haque writes a daily article on his website, Eudaimonia & Co. His December 26 article “Why the Fundamental Challenge of the 21st Century is Community” provides an interesting perspective on my recent experiences with Mutual Aid and evolving vision for what could come next.

umair says we need to expand our sense of moral community to include everything, living and inanimate. And “the way of enmity, the way of violence, dominance, hierarchy, greed, hate — it must end.”

Those are some of the reasons I’ve been led to become involved with Mutual Aid, which is about building communities and rejecting dominance and hierarchy. Reasons why I believe my Quaker faith community should embrace the concepts of Mutual Aid.

These are also reasons I believe faith communities have an especially important role to play now, to help “expand our sense of moral community”. Quakers are the Religious Society of Friends. umair…

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Smithsonian announces temporary closures of four museums amid COVID-19 surge | TheHill

Four Smithsonian museums will temporarily close because of rising COVID-19 infections.

The National Museum of African Art, the National Postal Museum, the Anacostia Community Museum and the National Museum of Asian Art

Source: Smithsonian announces temporary closures of four museums amid COVID-19 surge | TheHill

Marinated Radish and Cucumber Salad — Tanooki Homemade Cafe

Are you a fan of ziplock cooking?  When I was a kid, I only used wrap and aluminium foil, so pickles are all store-bought. If we needed to marinate something, we used a bowl or plate, and as you can guess, it’s causing avalanches in the fridge so only someone who put them in was […]

Marinated Radish and Cucumber Salad — Tanooki Homemade Cafe