Freedom Of Speech Run Amok

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Recently, a father of four named Jared Schmeck was on a live televised phone call with the President and First Lady, on a Christmas Eve event supposedly tracking Santa Claus’ progress, (a tradition designed to give children and their families joy in anticipation of the day ahead). After President Biden asked what Schmeck’s children were looking forward to and sweetly wishing him and his family a Merry Christmas, the man inexplicably punctuated his call with “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Jared Schmeck (l); President and First Lady Biden (r)

For those who have heard of the chant/hashtag ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ but may not be aware of its origin or meaning …

The hashtag was born after a sports reporter misheard a racing crowd chanting “F*ck Joe Biden” while interviewing the winning driver named Brandon Brown, thinking they were cheering him on.  It is basically giving a middle finger to President Biden.


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