The Value of Money!

Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

Do you know the value of money? To some, it could be plenty To some, it could'nt have any! Money comes; money goes Today it's there; tomorrow, who knows! You may ride the wave, or with the wind it blows! Even with our currency It's relative, the value of a rupee On a trip abroad, you ought to stop converting maybe! So, we've established, money is not stable It can be earned, can be lost, like a turntable Hence, you cannot depend on it; it's not reliable! Making money is not my top priority Although, I really relish my retail therapy I place a premium on doing work that makes me happy Some people say, money is not important But, unless you have excess, it's not redundant Empty wallets could lead to a dire consequence Only when you've tasted your version of luxury Fot it, you may stop being so…

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