Parashat Shemot, and Naming a Nation

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This week’s Torah portion, Parashat Shemot 5782 / פָּרָשַׁתשְׁמוֹת Read on /21 Tevet 5782, is the first parashah in the book of Exodus/Shemot. Now, we see the start of a new epoch. That of the baby Moses, saved from The River by two courageous women who actually get named!! Not a normal thing for women in the Bible or in Western history, for that matter. In fact, those two facts are probably related.

The names of the ’70 persons’ who went down to Egypt with Israel, the patriarch, are recorded now, becoming the tribes who go up out of Egypt later. Rumor has it that one woman lived the entire time, and was the one to lead them to the place where the bones of Joseph should be buried. I’m sure one of our commentators will refresh my memory with the details?

How can we make the…

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