♫ Christmas 1914 ♫ (Annual Redux)

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Since Christmas is tomorrow, I am putting my political snark and opinions on hold for two days in the spirit of the season, trying to set aside my natural snark and grumpiness.  Come Sunday, however, all bets are off and I shall continue to opine as I see fit!  This post is one I have published for the past two years and it was first suggested to me by our friend David.  It is a heartwarming story that never fails to bring a tear or two to my eyes and I hope you will enjoy it again this year!

On December 7, 1914, Pope Benedict XV suggested a temporary hiatus of the war for the celebration of Christmas. The warring countries refused to create any official cease-fire, but on Christmas the soldiers in the trenches declared their own unofficial truce.

Starting on Christmas Eve, many German and British troops fighting…

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