Argentinische Weihnachten

Senioren um die Welt

Mein erstes Weihnachtsfest auf der südlichen Erdhalbkugel erlebte ich in Argentinien. Ich war zum ersten Mal allein von zu Hause weg, um ein Praktikum bei der Filiale einer deutschen Firma in Buenos Aires zu machen. Während sich in Deutschland die Menschen warm anziehen mussten, um nicht zu frieren, war es in Buenos Aires sehr heiß und es herrschte hohe Luftfeuchtigkeit. Es war mitten im Hochsommer, da war es nicht leicht, in vorweihnachtliche Stimmung zu kommen.

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What Matters


Now is all that matters, yesterday cannot be replayed and tomorrow isn’t ours to claim. This moment is all we have. Let’s use this moment to transcend into who we really are, benevolent and caring. This Earth isn’t ours, we are caretakers. We owe it to the younger generation to mend our broken ways and create a world that is free of wars, hatred, and greed.

© Norma Bobb-Semple 2021

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Dakota 38 + 2


The day after Christmas, Dec. 26, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln ordered the largest execution in United States history — the hanging of 38 Dakota men. At the heart of this is the genocide and land theft of the tribal nations by the white settler-colonialists. #LANDBACK

“Today, all the people of the region continue to be affected by this traumatic event. We take the youth on the ride, so that they may connect with their culture in a more physical way. By being apart of the ride they are connecting themselves with their ancestors and their horse relatives. It is through the ride that they are able to see the beauty in the history and their culture.” SUNKTANKA

The Dakota 38 Plus 2 Memorial Ride is a ride that honors the 38 Dakota men who were hung in Mankato in December of 1862. The ride began from the vision of a…

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You are not the entire world

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story


                  I rarely ever rant, but please allow me a moment, here.  I must remind some of  my  fellow dwellers on this earth that none of us lives on this planet alone, and that none of our individual experiences tells the whole tale, of anything.  Context matters.  Therefore, other experiences, or rather, the experiences of others, also matters.  Hence aggregate data, hence research, and data over time, or history, also matter.    I say this because I see many people insisting, as a young man who got upset with me on the bus did, that their experiences must outweigh the truth of research, history, and even the experiences of most other people.   People say that they have not seen or experienced something which many others do, without remembering that they are not in a position to experience those same things in the same…

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