Hoàng Xuân Sơn | U  N  N  A  M  E  D (28)


By Hoàng Xuân Sơn, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm

U  N  N  A  M  E  D


Stepping out into the wind

it has never been so cold

thought I was used to it all void of a shiver

the exhaustion to the bone

A lifetime as a masked knight

the streets. the silenced markets. the home extensions

I’ve been out of touch for so long

the road rules now piled up at the folk of the road

Removing one obstacle at a time

the decades of no consequence

turning left out of nowhere

too anxious to check for any broken bone

The afternoon flipping the spoon over

the snow fall on the cups and bowls

the scattered smoke across the years abstained from smoking

the coughs as long as my walking stick

There hasn’t been a year as sad as this year

imagined the folded arms staring out…

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