Remembering Role Models

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Today is the birthday, in 1896, of my Great Aunt Sr. Felix fka Margarita Manzilla, (I have more complete information on Ancestry, if you need an invitation link: I no longer have a paid membership…)  a member of the Oblate Sisters of Providence, one of the first and few orders to admit Colored Women at that time.  She is part of the inspiration for my novel in progress, Book I of my historical fantasy series: Who By Fire.

She, along with my great grandmother, who was the baby of the family, and her four siblings survived the murder of my great great grandfather, their ejection from their home in OK, and the death, shortly after, of my great great grandmother in KS, where they were all entered into orphanages (the two boys in one, and the three girls in another).  They all became Catholics, in those Catholic…

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