Good People Doing Good Things — Holiday Spirit

Filosofa's Word

If it’s Wednesday … wait … hold on … IT’S WEDNESDAY ALREADY???  No, it can’t be … only … 1 … 2 … 3 more days ‘til Christmas???  Where has the week gone?  Where has December gone?  For that matter, where has the YEAR gone???  😱

Now, as I was saying … if it’s Wednesday, it must be time to set aside the angst, the characters that bring about mounds of snark and rants and turn instead to some good people.  Turns out, I found a couple without even looking and I think they will help us all to remember what the spirit of the season really is.

Turquoise LeJeune Parker is a library teacher at Lakewood Elementary School in Durham, North Carolina.  Ms. Parker ends every class by telling each of her students she loves them, and it isn’t just words … she shows them in so many…

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