Day 23/67, Five Month GED, Learning languages, and Adulting in context

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    If you are a compulsive completer, as I often am, you may find yourself filling in the chart below automatically, in the language of mathematics: perhaps the most universal of all human languages (and maybe of alien languages, if we ever make contact with non-human intelligent life?).

     Languages, both external (or, between people, i.e. French) and internal (aka “love languages” for each person), are a set of forms of knowledge that all Adult citizens of any democratic nation or movement must learn anew, continually, just as with mathematical language:

Mathematical Language is far simpler:

(3 ^ 0)(3 ^3) =(1)(3 cubed) = 3 cubed = 3*3*3 = 27

Day 23 Lesson Plan (pdf format)
Grammar: Essay writing 4/4 on paper
more Power practice: powers of products and quotients practice
Challenging exponents practice using The Power Rule

End of Week 6 of 18…

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