COVID-19 in Jamaica: boosting, testing, vaccinating, and the Fourth Wave

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We got our booster shots this week. Our regular vaccination centre was bursting at the seams, so we drove down the road apiece to St. Joseph’s Hospital. As far as getting a needle stuck in your arm can be a pleasant experience – it really was! We sat under a big, airy tent on the hospital’s spacious grounds, and one doctor explained possible side effects to each one of us in a sensible and matter of fact way, answering questions from everyone. Another doctor wheeled a trolley with the vaccines in a small igloo.

St. Joseph’s Hospital, with Wareika Hill/Long Mountain behind. (My photo)

So that was done. I admit that I felt pretty lousy the following day (my husband had a mere headache). I felt very much like the Jamaican version of a tweet that made me laugh. After his booster, this American tweeter said he “felt like a…

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