COVID-19 in Jamaica: boosting, testing, vaccinating, and the Fourth Wave

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We got our booster shots this week. Our regular vaccination centre was bursting at the seams, so we drove down the road apiece to St. Joseph’s Hospital. As far as getting a needle stuck in your arm can be a pleasant experience – it really was! We sat under a big, airy tent on the hospital’s spacious grounds, and one doctor explained possible side effects to each one of us in a sensible and matter of fact way, answering questions from everyone. Another doctor wheeled a trolley with the vaccines in a small igloo.

St. Joseph’s Hospital, with Wareika Hill/Long Mountain behind. (My photo)

So that was done. I admit that I felt pretty lousy the following day (my husband had a mere headache). I felt very much like the Jamaican version of a tweet that made me laugh. After his booster, this American tweeter said he “felt like a…

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Writing process: meet the Protagonist -Isaias

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

This is a note  from the protagonist of my novel in progress, Book I of my historical fantasy series: Who By Fire.  He is answering my question about who his parents are:

       I am the escaped body servant of a man who is still legally in possession of my person, and of my life.  He may also be in the process of purchasing my wife Lucy, a quadroon.   She is more a parent to me than any person on this earth ever has been.

I never knew my parents , because I was raised by a speculator who, I am told, purchased me as an infant from a “pleasure house” where my mother was a fancy maid.  As it is told, the speculator bought me with the intention of grooming me, as the Fancy Maids are groomed and trained, in order to be sold to a gentleman…

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First U.S. omicron death may be an unvaccinated man in Texas with health issues – The Washington Post (RIP)

The man, who tested positive for the omicron variant before his death, according to Harris County Public Health (HCPC), had previously been infected with the coronavirus and had underlying health conditions that made him particularly vulnerable.

State and county officials renewed calls for people to get fully vaccinated and boosted as the best protection against severe disease, hospitalization and death, including illness caused by omicron.

“This is a reminder of the severity of COVID-19 and its variants,” Barbie Robinson, HCPH executive director, said of the Harris County man’s death in a news release. “We urge all residents who qualify to get vaccinated and get their booster shot if they have not already.”

Source: First U.S. omicron death may be an unvaccinated man in Texas with health issues – The Washington Post