Jolly Monday Before “The BIG DAY!”

Filosofa's Word

Well, folks, it’s almost here … that’s right, Christmas is just 5 days now and if you still have shopping to do, I would suggest you grab a snack and head on out that door NOW!!!  For the first time ever, all my shopping and wrapping are done, thanks to daughter Chris and granddaughter Natasha who have done double duty to make up for my lack these days!  Perhaps I should have let them take over years ago!!!  I’m still planning to cook a turkey … the girls brought home a 24-pounder yesterday and he is thawing in the fridge as we speak!  And now, to start this busy week off on the right foot, Joyful has baked up some holiday treats and Jolly went on a hunt for some fun ‘toons, so grab a bite to snack on and find something to smile, chuckle, or even laugh about before…

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