When Your Life Is Worth Less: The British Attack on Human Rights

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As opposition to the Nationality and Borders Bill grows, there is also the spectre of an attack on the Human Rights Act by the Conservative government. As Maria W. Norris explains, this is likely to have a disproportionate effect on people of colour and raises fundamental questions about equality in the UK.

This week the Justice Secretary, Dominic Raab, launched a consultation on a new British bill
of rights, a pet project of the Tory right for decades. Condemned as a “blatant, unashamed
power grab” by leading human rights organisations such as Liberty, it is important to
understand the roots of the Tory antipathy to human rights. A mere glance at this
government’s legislative agenda reveals why they want to get rid of the Human Rights Act,
with several bills before parliament which are likely to clash with existing human rights
obligations. At the core of any attempt to limit…

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