Parashat VaYechi, and Endings

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     This week’s Torah portion,  Parashat VaYechi, is the 12th and final parashah in the book of Bereshit ( aka Genesis), after Judah showed, last week, how to  draw near to danger, and take responsibility, making  a tiny bit of repair for what he (almost) did to  Tamar, in parashat VaYeshev,  who knew and fought daringly for her rights.    Now, we see the end of an epoch.

   The week before last week, Joseph resolved a long-term nation-wide problem, but all of Egypt becomes serfs, or worse.   This week shows the biased blessing by Jacob, and Joseph insisting that he be buried way up north, eventually.  Then, he dies, and is buried in Egypt.  Now, an uncertain future awaits, as always.    Joseph’s legacy was a complicated one, no?

      How can we make the future more certain and safe for all of us?


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