Hứa Hiếu | powerless – bất lực (6)


By Hứa Hiếu, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm



content somewhat on the wings of dreams

to the human race return

aware, feet still bound

thoughts beyond a confined boundary of the sky


at times, frustration ignites

unburn flesh

pigments the mind

an entire life

to the stem a worm-eaten frond

fallen upon the world peeping at passing clouds, powerless


at times, resentment drown a life

in troubles inebriated not

but a continuously unstable depiction

of this life

a heart ejected by sadness

a sour living portrait of vomit


our return

a floundering echo at the end of a road

an injured creature knows it must face its nemesis, for the last time

how could we had our back to it

hid in a winding path, ran


a wart remains in the pad of our feet

we sliced it constantly without a cure


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