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Ms. Osuchukwu runs Plant Food Federation, a website focused on plant-based approaches to Nigerian cuisine, and she is one of many cooks in West Africa and the diaspora navigating the experience of being vegan in a culture that holds certain ideas about food close. She is also part of a growing number of people trying to confront a misconception that it is difficult — and even limiting — to eat a meatless diet using West African ingredients.

On the contrary, Ms. Osuchukwu, who is originally from Calabar, in southern Nigeria, said that there are many ingredients available across the country that can be used to adapt traditional dishes for a plant-based diet, like sliced ugba, a fermented oil bean seed, which steps in for dried and smoked fish in native rice and in abacha, a salad of shredded cassava, red palm oil and fresh herbs.

“People always ask me know how I handle being vegan or plant-based in Nigeria because they believe we don’t have food diversity here,” she said, “and I always look at them like, ‘No, actually, we have more food diversity locally, right here, than in many different parts of the world.’ ”


Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

The song ‘Sixteen’ by Natania featuring Mickey McCleary and Medha Sahi inspired me to write this poem. It’s from this awesome series called ‘Four More Shots’ which is a desi version of Sex and the City. Maria and I like to binge-watch an entire season when we catch up. It’s ‘our’ thing. Babe, I’ve got to stop obsessing over you. Too many songs dedicated to you. LOL, @Maria;)

Anyway, like all my music-inspired poems, I suggest playing the song{which I have embedded below for your convenience} as you read; it truly elevates the experience!

Sixteen – poem by Ruelha

You make me feel like everyday's my birthday When I'm with you, I feel special in every way The way you play with my hand, I feel butterflies I like the way you gaze endlessly into my eyes You take me back to when I was sixteen You make me feel…

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Brexit minister’s shock resignation leaves Boris Johnson reeling | David Frost | The Guardian (Me: Covidiots still bedevil Britain – good riddance)

At a conference last month he said: “I am very happy that free Britain, or at least merry England, is probably now the freest country in the world as regards Covid restrictions. No mask rules, no vaccine passports, and long may it remain so.” Source: Brexit minister’s shock resignation leaves Boris Johnson reeling | David Frost | The Guardian

Harvard University shifts to remote learning, work in response to rising COVID-19 cases –

Harvard University has moved most of its classes and work online for the first three weeks in January in response to rising COVID-19 cases locally and nationally, as well as the Omicron variant of the virus.

Source: Harvard University shifts to remote learning, work in response to rising COVID-19 cases –

Über Freundschaft … On friendship

Stella, oh, Stella

Ich habe in dem Buch “Der Profet” von Khalil Gibran einen wunderschönen Text über Freundschaft gefunden, mit dem ich mich bei meinen eigenen Freunden bedanken möchte.

… In the book “The Prophet” by Khalil Gibran I found beautiful text about friendship. I would like to use these words to thank my own friends.

Foto: Pixabay – truthseeker08

Über Freundschaft

“ … “

“Dein Freund ist die Antwort auf deine Bedürfnisse.
Er ist dein Feld, wo du mit Liebe säest und mit Danksagung erntest.
Und er ist deine Nahrung und dein Zuhause.
Denn du kommst mit deinem Hunger zu ihm und suchst Frieden bei ihm.
Wenn dein Freund seine Meinung sagt, fürchtest du das „Nein“ in deinem eigenen Kopf nicht, noch hältst du das „Ja“ zurück.

Und wenn er schweigt, hört dein Herz nicht auf, seinem Herzen zuzuhören;
denn ohne Worte, werden in einer Freundschaft alle Gedanken, alle Wünsche, alle Erwartungen…

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