Do Better: 3rd draft comment hanger, Chapters 7, and 8

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For those interested in helping to begin this project, I have finally finished the third draft of DoBetter, formerly known as BabyAcres, or Baby Floors, and am out of spoons. So, I am requesting volunteers to help with the work of providing feedback for this book, and preparing to send it out into the world, as yours, Intrepid Volunteers.

I’m still posting the rough draft sections on Wednesdays as a reminder and rallying point, until someone offers to build a site or portal for the set of communities to be built around this project. I offer Do Better as a starting point for guidelines over the next 70 years, with the understanding that the project must be shaped by those who come after me. Thus Do Better, while written by my hand, must be released into other hands to continue the journey. I prepare…

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