The Switch

Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

I have something like a toggle switch That gives me quite the itch Sometimes I turn it on Some others, the power within feels gone Remember the days, when we had antennas? Well, such is the case with my mental stamina Mostly, it's known for neglegient oversight But if it smells blood, it develops quite the shark's appetite I'm normally quite calm and always at peace I don't get anxious easily and my senses are always at ease I have a lot of patience, so I've been told Of my faculties, I'm usually in control So my general state of being is almost like that of a yogi I'm usually at peace; within myself, I'm always happy I am organized; I arrange my immediate space I seldom ever let situations get out of place So, even wehn people around me are insulting me They really can't get into my spirit's…

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