Do Better Project: Logo Needed

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

     For those interested in helping to find or create a logo, Project Do Better, our project needs a pretty picture!  I’m not the best at those, and I’m also really tired.   I have finally finished the third draft of DoBetter, formerly known as BabyAcres, or Baby Floors, and am out of spoons.  So, I am requesting volunteers to help with the work  as I  prepare to send it out into the world, as yours, Intrepid Volunteers.

    I’m still posting the rough draft sections on Wednesdays as a reminder and rallying point, until someone offers to build a site or portal for the set of communities to be built around this project.  I offer Do Better as a starting point for guidelines over the next 70 years, with the understanding that the project must be shaped by those who come after me. …

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