Here are the four steps, Duhigg mentioned to transform our addictions;

Note: I will use my example to explain how can we work on the given four steps.

  1. Identify the Routine

Routine is the main element of the loop. The part we want to change, so it’s easy to identify it. In my case, what I wanted to change was my habit of sugar and junk consumption, leading to my weight gain drastically. But every situation is different, so that it can be anything like excessive drinking or smoking.

  1. Experiment the Rewards

Now comes the tricky part, which is experimenting with the reward, as we have to find the primary reason here for the craving, which has created a vital bridge between cue and reward. It is always challenging to find out which reward satisfies the primitive part to this extent. For this, we have to experiment with different prizes…

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