Human rights in Jamaica and beyond – past and present

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It’s International Human Rights Day, and it’s not just a hashtag.

A lot has been going through my mind today. These are stormy times, with the wind blowing first one way and then the other. A sudden rogue wave appears and nearly knocks you off your feet. 2021 has been strangely – and perhaps surprisingly – complex; it’s as if one needed eyes in the back of one’s head, to make sure nothing was creeping up on you. Even so, we got caught out many times. It has been a long, hard year. And we still have three weeks to go.

I am thinking about the state of the world, and it’s as if human rights have been shoved aside to make way for greed, ego, anger, power, hunger. Yes, hunger and desperation.

One word that comes to mind is inequality. Orwell was particularly brutal on this topic:

“It was…

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Playing Brass

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

Strolling down the Mahatma Gandhi Road from the College Street end towards Howrah Tram Depot in the vibrance of the Kolkata metropolis, one can spot a unique world of orchestral cacophony. Little shops from the colonial days of the British showcase a wide array of musical instruments and jazzy uniforms of starking colours with gilded studs and Zari strips. Lining the bustling pavements on both sides of the busy street, they stand testament to a vanishing era of classical music. While snoozing old owners and staff doze on rickety wooden stools, impoverished young Indian musicians of a gasping profession practice on various musical instruments honing their skills.

At one corner of this hustling sea of tussling humanity and chocking traffic stands a hundred-and-twenty-one-year-old orchestral shop featuring a crumbling hoarding with bevelled wooden alphabets spelling out “Manna Band Party.” Forty-one-year-old Muslim bandmaster Arman Ali stood inside the eight by ten feet…

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Madeira: Insel rund … Madeira: Island tour

Stella, oh, Stella

Ich hatte euch ja versprochen, dass wir dieses Mal ein wenig die Insel erkunden werden. Nach dem ersten Ausflug zu der völlig kahlen Felsenzunge, werdet ihr dieses Mal ganz andere Landschaften kennenlernen. Der Monte Palace Madeira Park hat euch ja schon gezeigt, dass Madeira nicht nur aus unbewachsenen Felsen besteht.

… I had promised you that this time we would explore the island a bit. After the first excursion to the completely bare rocky land tongue, you will see very different kinds of landscapes. The Monte Palace Madeira Parks has already shown you that Madeira does not only consist of bare rocks.

Wenn es irgendwo noch eine Sandstrasse gibt, dann finde ich sie. Diese Fähigkeit habe ich von meinem Vater geerbt 😉 😀
… If there should be a dirt road somewhere, I will find it. I inherited this ability from my father 😉 😀

Unsere Tour ging in die…

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Moartea lentă a iubirii- Indiferența

Secretele vieții

În zilele noastre cauza principală a iubirii eșuate este indiferența. Se spune despre indiferentă că este moartea lentă a iubirii. Indiferența are putere de a distruge încet-încet, picătură cu picătură dragostea.

Îngrijorător este că această pierdere poate dura chiar și ani de zile.

Cu siguranță nimeni nu acceptă indiferența ca mod de viață, decât dacă este vorba de un om slab emoțional sau neinteresat.

Nici măcar un om slab emoțional în mare parte nu va aceepta insensibilitatea persoanei de langă el.

Cei care se resemnează în fața disprețului se usucă în interior și secătuiec de iubire.

Indiferenta are multe fațete, iar una dintre ele este lipsa de admirație pentru tot ceea ce ne înconjoară.

Poate există admirație fără dragoste, dar invers este imposibil.

Personal, nu cred că există o rană sufletească mai mare decât cea provocată de indiferență.

Cea mai pură cruzime omenească este indiferența.

Pune stăpânire ușor pe oameni…

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Here are the four steps, Duhigg mentioned to transform our addictions;

Note: I will use my example to explain how can we work on the given four steps.

  1. Identify the Routine

Routine is the main element of the loop. The part we want to change, so it’s easy to identify it. In my case, what I wanted to change was my habit of sugar and junk consumption, leading to my weight gain drastically. But every situation is different, so that it can be anything like excessive drinking or smoking.

  1. Experiment the Rewards

Now comes the tricky part, which is experimenting with the reward, as we have to find the primary reason here for the craving, which has created a vital bridge between cue and reward. It is always challenging to find out which reward satisfies the primitive part to this extent. For this, we have to experiment with different prizes…

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Timeless Mind

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Photo credit: Pixabay

One of the most revered schools of ancient wisdom is the Rikhiapeeth School of Yoga in Jharkhand, India. The school provides knowledge from the ancient texts of Yoga, Mantra and Tantra. The founding seer often used his enlightenment of spirituality and occult formulated thousands of years ago to manifest remarkable conditions in people’s lives. The seed of manifestation he used was the power of Mantra.

I had the occasion to gather much knowledge from this place of powerful meditative energy.

They speak of a mysterious infinite power at the base of all existence. Of the oneness of individual mind and that of the infinite.

Through experimentation they are able to demonstrate that “Mantra” a sound, whether spoken aloud or subliminally, has a distinct pulsation which resonates with certain mental frequencies. Different mantras are able to radically transform consciousness as they create neural pathways corresponding to their oscillation…

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Tropical Forests Grow Back Quickly on Abandoned Land, Study Finds – Yale E360

In recent decades, cattle grazing has accounted for around two-thirds of deforestation in Brazil, with ranchers clearing forest to create pastures. Halting climate change demands not only stopping deforestation, but reversing it, for instance, by turning pastures back into woodlands. A new study of secondary forests in Central and South America and West Africa offers some hope, finding that forests are able to regrow quickly on abandoned lands. Seeds, roots, and stumps preserved underground fuel new growth, aided by the warm, humid climate in the tropics. That allows young trees to grow quickly. In the areas studied, soil recovered in less than a decade, while various layers of plants and trees returned in 25 to 60 years. The findings were published in the journal Science. “I was totally surprised how quickly it went,” Lourens Poorter, an ecologist at Wageningen University in the Netherlands and lead author of the study, told The Washington Post. “These forests can recover very fast and they can do it by themselves.”

Source: Tropical Forests Grow Back Quickly on Abandoned Land, Study Finds – Yale E360