Opinion | I’m Done Trying to Understand or Educate the Unvaccinated – The New York Times

There was a point, earlier on in the pandemic, when vaccines were still scarce, when I tried to be tolerant with the holdouts, tried not to shame them, tried not to be angry with them, tried to allow them time to educate themselves about the benefits of getting vaccinated.

But that time has long since passed for me. Call me one of the intolerant. That’s what I am. I will not coddle willful ignorance anymore. I will not indulge the fool’s errand of “I’m still doing my own research” anymore, either.

This virus has already killed nearly 800,000 Americans and infected nearly 50 million. We are now averaging about 120,000 new cases a day.

This virus is deadly and unrelenting. The only way out of this situation, for our country and the world, is through the vaccines. We must dramatically shrink the number of people vulnerable to the virus — or else we risk allowing our population to act as a petri dish for the growth of variants.

Lips of an Angel

Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

This rock number was released in 2005 or 2006 by Hinder. I first heard it in 2009 and became obsessed with it. If you want to know the background story depicted in the video, it’s about this guy who receives a call from his ex. He’s got a hotbod girlfriend in his bedroom prancing around in her underwear showing off those amazing enviable tight abs and goddess-like smooth skin. Yet, he’s whispering when he receives a surprise call…

Like all my music-inspired poems, I suggest playing the song{which I have embedded below for your convenience} as you read; it’ll be like a short film …in song and poetry! I wrote this poem with hopes of making it a song one day. I think it’d be an excellent pick as a song for something like ‘Four more shots’. If anyone wishes to collaborate with me to make some good music in…

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Volver a tu lado

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


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Volver a tu lado -papá, mamá-, cuando soy hijo y te sé en mi alma y en otro plano, en espera de abrazarnos y permanecer juntos, como antaño, cuando era niño y me relatabas cuentos e historias, me educabas pacientemente y me reprendías con educación y respeto si en algo fallaba. Volver a tu lado, -hermana, hermano-, tras minutos, horas, días y semanas dedicados a la encomienda, a la jornada cotidiana, para conversar, reír y evocar los capítulos y la epopeya que compartimos en casa, en el hogar, y que ahora nos hacen ricos e identifican aquí y allá, en la temporalidad de la vida y en la eternidad. Volver a tu lado -hija amada, hija irrepetible-, con la idea de entregarte mi alma y lo mejor de mí, en un acto mágico que viene desde la fuente infinita…

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The Coronavirus Attacks Fat Tissue, Scientists Find – The New York Times

Now researchers have found that the coronavirus infects both fat cells and certain immune cells within body fat, prompting a damaging defensive response in the body.

“The bottom line is, ‘Oh my god, indeed, the virus can infect fat cells directly,’” said Dr. Philipp Scherer, a scientist who studies fat cells at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, who was not involved in the research.

“Whatever happens in fat doesn’t stay in fat,” he added. “It affects the neighboring tissues as well.”

The research has not yet been peer-reviewed or published in a scientific journal, but it was posted online in October. If the findings hold up, they may shed light not just on why patients with excess pounds are vulnerable to the virus, but also on why certain younger adults with no other risks become so ill.

William Shakespeare

Vivaldi translation: ”Cowards die many times before their death; the brave die only once.”(From Julius Caesar)

William Shakespeare

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” Os covardes morrem muitas vezes antes de sua morte; os valentes morrem uma única vez.” ( De Júlio César)

William Shakespeare


Marii Freire Pereira

https://pensamentos.me/VEM comigo!

Santarém, Pa 8 de dezembro de 2021

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Texas Woman Convicted of COVID-19 Relief Fraud | OPA | Department of Justice

According to court documents and evidence presented at trial, Lola Shalewa Barbara Kasali, 24, of Houston, submitted two fraudulent loan applications to two different lenders on behalf of her companies, Lola’s Level and Charm Hair Extensions. Through these loan applications, Kasali sought over $3.8 million in PPP loan funds. Kasali falsely represented the number of employees and payroll expenses in each of the PPP loan applications. To support these applications, Kasali also submitted fraudulent tax records. Kasali ultimately received over $1.9 million in PPP loan funds. The Justice Department, along with its law enforcement partners, seized the funds that Kasali fraudulently obtained.

Kasali was convicted of two counts of making false statements to a financial institution and two counts of bank fraud. She is scheduled to be sentenced on Feb. 25, 2022, and faces a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison for each count of conviction. A federal district court judge will determine any sentence after considering the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

Source: Texas Woman Convicted of COVID-19 Relief Fraud | OPA | Department of Justice

US Supreme Court justice refers to ‘Jewish-Palestinian’ conflict – The Jerusalem Post

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett referred to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the “Jewish-Palestinian conflict” during a hearing on a case concerning public funding of religious schools on Wednesday.
“How would you even know if a school taught all religions are bigoted and biased or Catholics are bigoted or, you know, we take a position on the Jewish-Palestinian conflict because of our position on, you know, Jews, right?” said Barrett in a question directed at Maine Chief Deputy Attorney-General.

Source: US Supreme Court justice refers to ‘Jewish-Palestinian’ conflict – The Jerusalem Post

Office on Violence Against Women Announces Awards to 11 Indian Tribal Governments to Exercise Special Domestic Violence Criminal Jurisdiction | OPA | Department of Justice

The recipients of today’s one-year awards under OVW’s Tribal Jurisdiction Program are: Chickasaw Nation, Oklahoma; Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, North Carolina; Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes, Montana; Muscogee (Creek) Nation, Oklahoma; Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi, Michigan; Pascua Yaqui Tribe, Arizona; Port Gamble S’klallam Tribe, Washington; Pueblo of Santa Clara, New Mexico; Seminole Nation of Oklahoma; the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma; and the Tulalip Tribes of Washington.

Source: Office on Violence Against Women Announces Awards to 11 Indian Tribal Governments to Exercise Special Domestic Violence Criminal Jurisdiction | OPA | Department of Justice