Be kind to _______

On a mission

Be Kind To __ ( Fill up the blank )

If you said anything but, “ Yourself”! You must think again and here is 7 reasons

1. You can not be what you are not so be kind to yourself first.

2. The energy always flows from high to low. The person at the receiving end will benefit.

3. Some of us may not see anyone every day but we do see ourselves and the best way to compliment is by saying you are so kind. Be kind to yourself.

4. Even you are saying kind words but saying with negative energy the other person at receiving end only gets impacted by the negative energy and did not get anything from you. So say with positive energy.

5. Kind is agnostic of language. Everyone understands despite the fact there are 7000 + languages in the world.

6. Kindness is like…

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