The Red Bus Robbery

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

In their quest for colonisation, the British faced many tenacious races all over the so-called third world colonies; men and women of varied colour, creed, ethnicity, and metal. Stories of whose bravery and strength are etched in the annals of human history. Of all the people they dealt with, perhaps they found the Bengalis to be the most intelligent of the human species. This intelligence scared them so greatly that from the very early days of their seat in Bengal, the Anglos ensured strict dominance of the race of Bengalis. More through strategised reward and lure and at times also through torture and sheer tyranny.

In 1867, Dadabhai Naoroji put forward the ‘Drain of Wealth’ or ‘Drain Theory.’ The ‘Father of Indian Nationalism’ expostulated that the Empire of Great Britain was annually draining a revenue of two to three hundred million pounds from the country. One hundred and forty-six years…

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4 thoughts on “The Red Bus Robbery”

  1. Thank you so much Ned for showcasing my 48th short stroy “The Red Bus Robbery,” the tale of a unique heist in Kolkata in the shadows of WWII in 1945. The story is inspired by real life people and events. Though it has been fictionised.

    1. So glad that you liked it Ned. I am trying to write different kind of stories, not building a stereotype, in that way I feel that I can always keep my readers a little bit surprised.

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