Tô Thuỳ Yên | The night train (17)


By Tô Thuỳ Yên, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm


The night train


The train left. The night then, exhausted

The stars then, was fast asleep

The train hooting. Stars, wake up

Thousands of shimmering eyes sending the train off


Wake up, whoever is still alive

Witness this moment

The train left like a meteor shower

Stars spilling in puffs through the smoke stack


The mysterious scene in the dark

Unleashing dormant delusions

Safeguarding a few scattered light

Less light darker was the night


The harbour, the warehouse, the trees…

Said farewell before ever meeting

A one time connection

So regret not for each other a wave 


The cabin teaming with lost souls

The storm lights blurry, not a single lucid form

I was exhausted looking for myself

There was barely half of me left


My fellow traveller probably couldn’t sleep either


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