Jamaica’s COVID-19 vaccination program gets a shot in the arm (and a note on testing)

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Firstly, the good news: the U.S. Government has provided more support for the COVID-19 vaccine efforts in Jamaica…

The United States government, through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Caribbean Regional Office and its COVID-19 International Vaccine Implementation and Evaluation Program is supporting Jamaica’s Rapid COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation Program with $190K USD, approximately J$29M, to aid in staff training and the procurement of supplies including mobile beds, oxygen, emergency trollies, and tents. The funding provided will also aid in the retention of staff to support vaccine rollout.

This donation builds on a total J$1.8 billion (US$12M), the United States has provided toward Jamaica’s national COVID-19 response since the onset of the pandemic.

The CDC Caribbean Regional Office also facilitated a partnership with Peace Corps and Jamaica’s Ministry of Health & Wellness through which Peace Crops will provide additional human resource support to the vaccination rapid response efforts. On…

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