The Man Who Brought The River

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

Somewhere on the mighty Himalayan range in the northern mountain lands of the Indian state of West Bengal flickered the hilly settlement of Kharapahar. Surrounded by deep jagged cliffs on the east, west and southern sides and a colossal mountain wall in the north, the tiny village was not easily accessible to the outside world. A marvel of human engineering, a masterpiece of rock carving, a man-made stone stairway of more than a thousand meters descended from the southern cliff into the river valley below, forming the only path to and from this enchanting hamlet in the clouds.

Life in Kharapahar was pretty self-sustaining apart from the shortage of one critical ingredient, the elixir of life, water. The village did not have any permanent aquatic source apart from the occasional heavenly patter. Besides scanty bursts during the rainy season, the place was surprisingly rain-less for the rest of the year…

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  1. Thank you so much Ned for sharing my 47th short story with a wider world. It is an enchanting tale of 2 ancient villages deep in the Himalayan region of North Bengal, a 1,000 meter rock stairway, a sole surviving stone mason, a teenage girl, and the elixir of life water.

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