7 thoughts on “Why Retailers Are Fighting a Vaccine Mandate Before the Holidays – The New York Times (Me: Clearly… profit before health of customers and employees!!! Even Scrooge would weep at crassness!)”

  1. What is the reason for that? Is it because they have to pay for the vaccine? (I am just guessing, because greed is mentioned.) Is the vaccine not free of charge in the US?

    1. The shots are free, the retailers don’t want to let workers off to go get shots or to go along with mandate that they get shots because they fear having to let people go. The pay is low, so some will give up job instead of getting a shot to save their life.

    2. Please bear with me, I really don’t understand this. Why would they have to fire people because they get vaccinated?
      And the people giving up their job, are they afraid of the vaccine or of working in a retail shop without vaccine?

    3. If the employee does not get vaccinated, they cannot go to work. If they get vaccinated fine. Some employers do not want to comply with the mandate – they don’t want to know if their employees are vaccinated – the employer is just interested in having people report to work.

    4. That is a bit of a strange concept for me here in Denmark. They won’t miss much work by being vaccinated, would they? If they get side effects maybe 2-3 days, that’s it, right?

    5. That’s correct – our employers can be very cheap and believe – until lately – that they can hire and train someone in less than a day to do the everyday jobs in retail.

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