2 thoughts on “Why are People Locked up When They Try to Protect Their Land? — FunWritings”

  1. Corporations focus on the short term, seeing in many cases no further than the next quarterly report. Regrettably, so do most politicians, who can’t see beyond the next election. That puts longer term risks — environmental and political — of the table for both groups. If something one impact next quarter’s numbers or the next vote, they simply don’t care.

    There are exceptions to this, and the media does tend to call them out, but they are notable by exception. Lazy voters are content to elect those who say easy things and not those who want to tackle the hard problems.

    We didn’t understand the courage of the post-WWII politicians and justices (I’m thinking of Earl Warren, Lyndon Johnson and Everett DIrksen) who were willing to stand up on the hard issues, and we sorely miss that kind of person now. No, they didn’t get everything right — Vietnam overshadows the good they did — but they were more than words.

    1. Agree – courage is in short supply as is good moral sense. What many of today’s non-leaders don’t get is that people re-elected those with courage because they had courage.

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